Panama ranks 4th among the top 15 world locations for a home away from home citing first-world infrastructure of roads, business services, exceptional medical care and telecommunications. The opportunities in Panama for investors, retirees, or those just looking for a retreat are excellent.

Panama has a sophisticated capital city, incredible rain forests, some of the finest ecotourism, exotic beaches and islands, world-class adventure, snorkeling, diving, sport fishing, white water rafting, exploring, fine restaurants, and incredible historical sites, and not to mention the Panama Canal.


Imagine yourself living in perfect weather all year long. Forget freezing winters, blistering summers and hurricane season.
Choose among Panama's sunny and white-sanded beaches, cool and pure mountains, colorful countryside, or simply enjoy all of them at distances of less than 1 hour from each other.
In the city the temperature ranges from 70 F to 90 F, depending on the time of the year. In the mountain region you can enjoy temperatures from 50 F to 70 F.
In Panama we have a rainy season from May to January and a dry, sunny season from January to May.


Enjoy the same tax benefits as a Panamanian citizen.
New properties are exonerated from taxes for 20 years.
Any income you receive from dividends or interests on stocks, bonds or time deposits are free of tax.
We'll provide you with advice to assure your legal migratory status depending on your needs as a retiree, investor or tourist.
Retirees are entitled to discounts on transportation airfares, airline tickets, entertainment, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, prescription medicine, medical consultations, eye and dental exams, professional services, closing costs for home mortgages.


Forget about exchange rates in complicated denominations or unstable currencies. In Panama we use the US Dollar as our main currency.


Enjoy the stability of Panama's dollarised economy. The backbone of the economy is the service sector which includes the operation of the Panama Canal, banking, shipping, flagship registry, Colon Free Zone, insurance and tourism.


Have access to a financial center composed by 87 international and local banks that will provide you with a wide range of products and services to meet your financial needs. You will be able to access your accounts 24 hours a day through the extensive network of ATM machines available in the city and online banking.


Panama is a politically stable country with a constitutional democracy. The president is democratically elected by popular vote for a period of 5 years. He then appoints the Cabinet members who will lead the ministries of Justice, Presidency, Health, Foreign Affairs, Public Works, Employment and Job Development, Commerce, Housing, Agriculture, Finance, Social Development, and Education.
The National Assembly, composed by 71 democratically elected members, is in charge of approving new laws and legislations.


Panama is among the safest Latin American countries.
As in every city, there are areas you should avoid at night, make sure you speak to a local resident about the precautions you should take.


More than 14,000 ships transit to and from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the 48 mi. long Panama Canal. This modern marvel makes Panama an international shipping and logistics center.


Panama's private hospitals are equipped with top of the line facilities needed to treat all mayor medical specialties. A perfect example is the new Punta Pacifica Hospital which is affiliated to John Hopkins Medicine International.


Panama's privileged geographic location makes it a practical destination for anyone who wishes to travel without much hassle.
Only 2 to 3 hours away from Miami, Houston, or Atlanta. American, Delta, Copa and Continental Airlines offer daily flights to every major destination in the U.S. and Latin America.


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